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Press Boxes – “GOOD, FAST, CHEAP”

One of my mentors in the advertising business used to quote an old adage to clients; “Good, fast, or cheap. Pick two.” The theory is you can’t have all three.  For the most part this axiom holds up in virtually every business selling customized products.

When considering a new, custom press box if time is the critical factor one of the other factors, price or quality will suffer.  If you are seeking the lowest price, quality or delivery will be negatively impacted. And if quality is the most important attribute you are seeking then expect the press box price to go up or the time for delivery will be longer.

American Press Box is the rare exception to the rule. We offer the the highest quality, code compliant press boxes, at prices 30% less than the competition, and reduce the timeline for completion by 25%.  Contact us for a free quote and get all three critical components – “Good, Fast, and Cheap.”

Modular Press Box Efficiencies

McNicholas High School Case Study

About McNicholas High School – Archbishop McNicholas High School is a Catholic school located in Cincinnati, Ohio with a mission of providing a safe, nurturing, creative, and challenging environment where individuals can grow in knowledge and faith.

Their Need – The High School needed to undertake an upgrade to their aging athletic venue and facilities.  This needed to include new seating, steps, ramps, and a large custom press box that could accommodate the local media, home and opposing team staff and dignitaries, and provide filming platforms shielded from the elements.

Our Solution – To accommodate the school’s requests, American Press Box and our prefabricated building supplier, Whitley Manufacturing, designed and built a custom press box at a 12′-0″ width, providing substantially more interior space than the more typical 8′-0″ width of standard prefabricated press boxes.  To provide dual-function use, rear windows face the adjoining girls softball team, allowing for multiple uses for the same facility.

The press box is entered via covered platforms, which also serve as ‘camera decks’ that are protected from inclement weather.  The interior of the press box is well appointed with ample counter space and electrical service to comfortably accommodate a full complement of school district, athletics, and media visitors.

Press Box Detail


Prefab Press Box Benefits