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Press Boxes - Sales to High Schools and Small Colleges Growing

2014 is off to a record start for American Press Box with press box installations scheduled all across the country from Pennsylvania to Kansas to California.

Customers find our turnkey process for adding a press box to any new or existing grandstand allows for fast turnaround from design to installation at costs well below the market. Our design and install process eliminates architectural and engineering costs typically required to build a press box and those savings are passed on in full. These savings plus our low cost of the press box offer savings of up to 30%.

American Press Box (APB) is the leading supplier of press boxes, VIP suites, and concession stands for high schools and small colleges throughout the US.

Lake Travis High School Two-Story Press Box


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After winning five straight football state championships, Lake Travis High School located in Austin Texas began work on a complete renovation of their football stadium. This renovation included a new artificial turf field, sound system and scoreboard. To culminate the renovation, Lake Travis needed a new press box with space for TV and radio broadcasters, as well as space for the home and visiting coaching staff. This new press box also needed to complement the aesthetic appeal of the rest of the stadium.

American Press Box partnered with Whitley Manufacturing to provide Lake Travis High School with a two-story press box with a reinforced roof deck area to film from. The interior of the press box has a simple, yet highly functional layout that provides multiple separated spaces for every need. Through the use of modular manufacturing processes, the press box was built off-site and then assembled at the stadium within a matter of hours. The end product is a stylish and inventive press box of superb quality that will see several more generations of championship winning teams.

Lake Travis Floor Plan