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American Press Box introduces the Ground Game Press Box Series

The perfect fit for size and budget.

Our Ground Game two-story press boxes buildings are the perfect solution for baseball, soccer, and football fields where the need for placing a press box above a grandstand is not required.  These high quality press boxes are designed to meet tight budget constraints and provide tremendous efficiencies and functionality.

A variety of sizes are available but most important the design eliminates the need for a steel understructure and offers a ground floor facility that can be used as a storage building, restroom, or concession stand.  In fact, our press box storage facility combo unit is less expensive than a stand-alone press box with a steel understructure.

Our 8’ x 12’ press box and storage unit comes in under $40,000.  This price includes everything from design to installation.  All of our Ground Game units can be installed in less than 12 weeks from date of order.